Ross Bay Pub Victoria BC

Ross Bay Pub

7-1516 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8S 1G1
Phone: 250-370-1152 | Fax: 250-370-5210
The Ross Bay Pub is located in the Fairfield Plaza just opposite the famed Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria, BC, Canada. The cemetery is the oldest surviving formal landscape design and a fantastic example of a Victorian-era burial ground. Its abundance of unusual trees and plantings, winding carriageways, and 27,000 graves with intriguing marble, sandstone and granite monuments all bear witness to the famous and not-so-famous who are buried here. Guided tours are offered every Sunday at 2 pm and there is an Annual Ghost Tour on the Sunday afternoon before Halloween.

Enjoy our cozy neighbourhood atmosphere after a refreshing walk at Dallas Road or a tour through the Cemetery. Come and warm up at the Ross Bay Pub with a special coffee drink or liqueur to chase away the chill in your bones!


Open daily 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
Full menu available until 10:00 pm
Family Dining upstairs only
Kids menu available until 6:30 pm
Happy Hour menu available until 10:00 pm
Order by Phone: 250-370-1152   PICK UP ONLY

Neighbourhood Interest

Ross Bay Villa
This 1865 historic house museum is one of the oldest houses left in the city, and has been restored to its original appearance. Owned and operated by the volunteer-run Ross Bay Villa Society, it is open for tours every Saturday at 2:00 for a $5 donation.

Located at 1490 Fairfield Road, this historic site is directly adjacent to the historic Ross Bay Cemetery. Visit their Facebook page or website at for monthly events.